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ePos How Can ePos Help Your Business
How can ePos help your business?

Epos can help your business by improving efficiency at the point of sale, speeding up transactions and providing on demand stock information. An EPOS system can not only improve the efficiency and speed of your staff but can also improve the experience for your customers. By speeding up functionality at the point of sale transactions are processed quicker, reducing queues and empowering your staff to answer pricing and stock queries with fast price and product searches.

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What are the benefits of an integrated ePos system?
What are the benefits of an integrated EPOS system?

The key to KCPOS is its ability to integrate with your accounts system as well as your stock file, pricing set up, loyalty card system and web shop – as well as a number of other industry specific functions.

The benefits of an integrated ePos system far outweigh those of a stand-alone. This integration negates the need for data replication, and stock and pricing information can be updated across your whole system with just a single amendment or transaction. This functionality ensures that you have accurate data and that powerful reporting can be carried out using up to date information.

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How can an ePos system grow with my business?
How can an ePos system grow with my business?

ePos that grows with your business gives you peace of mind as you expand. Whether you require one till on a single site or multiple tills across multiple sites KCPOS is designed to grow with your business and protect your investment. Each point of sale site can operate independently without reliance on the head office for day-to-day trading, but can send back and receive all information required for pricing, stock and transactions. Each site can then grow independently to match its own needs, and new sites can be easily and seamless added, as can web shops and new locations.

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What is the cost of an EPOS system?
What is the cost of an EPOS system?

KCPOS is a modular solution which allows you to build a system around your business and your requirements – because of this the price of the package will vary based on the number of tills, modules, locations etc.

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KCPOS - Integrated ePos Solutions from Woodford Computer Systems Ltd

KCPOS provides a fully integrated point of sale solution which have been developed to work with a wide range of industries, including retail, wholesale, trade and hospitality.

As one of the leading suppliers of IT solutions in the North West, Woodford Computers can assist you through every stage of your new ePos system – from consultation to installation. We can supply the full range of KCPOS software and modules to create the perfect ePos solution for your business.

KCPOS is both flexible and affordable and will fully integrate with a number of “off-the-shelf” accounts packages, including Pegasus Opera II, IRIS Exchequer, Sage Line 50, Sage 200 and KC-Back Office, which creates an efficient business system which will reduce your costs and improve the service you give. Utilising a touch screen interface, training for KCPOS is quick and easy and because KCPOS uses the latest database technology it can handle transaction growth whilst remaining robust and reliable.

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