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ePos Software frmo Kamarin Computers Ltd ePos Software - Fully Accounts Integrated KCPOS is the result of over 25 years experience with integrated accounts ePos software.

Your staff can process transactions, deal with customers, know of any company deals or price amendments much easier with the sophisticated integration to your accounts system, which means time and money can be saved. The experience for both your customers and staff is also improved through this integration as it means less hassle when dealing with simple tasks.

Our ePos software solution, KCPOS, is a modular based system which allows you to build up your system in a way which suits your business. Although you can add more modules whenever you like, there is a basic package which includes the software to run your ePos till and make transaction, which can in then be integrated with your existing accounts page (Pegasus Opera II, IRIS Exchequer, Sage Line 50 or Sage 200) or you can use our solution, KC Back Office accounts – which is an accounts package designed specifically for retailers.

Additional functionality can be easily added to your existing KCPOS system, such products include KC-Ecommerce for your web shop, KC Loyalty for discount and loyalty schemes, KC XL for powerful reporting, KC Stock Manager for easy stock taking and KC Stock Re-Order for intelligent purchasing. Many more modules are also available, including industry specific modules such as table management, booking software and ticketing. These all add extra functionality to allow your business to run smoother and give both your customers and your staff a better experience.

Our ePos Software, KCPOS, features include:

  • Full automated and customisable menus instantly drilling down to products, with barcode scanning and comprehensive search facilities as standard.
  • Simple search for receipt, invoice and reprint from any point of sale.
  • Every type of multi-buy and promotional offer is maintained in a simple wizard.
  • Price amends, layaway and integrated chip and pin.
  • Price and grow margin controls which are simple, accurate, fast and allow you to maximize your profit.
  • Barcode systems which can be used for point of sale scanning and printing as well as back office printing at goods inwards, for price changes and for merchandising. All of this can be linked for maximum accuracy, efficiency and control to save both time and money.
  • Automated and integrated cashing up facilities to eliminate errors.
  • Links with account customers at POS which deals with sales order processing and invoicing efficiently.
  • Suitable for second hand sales account for VAT based only on profit.
  • Size / Colour / Style matrix available.
  • Interactive stock re-order and replenishment.
  • On demand sales and margin reporting.
  • One solution means no re-keying of data – everything from purchasing and stock to ePos and accounts!
  • Avery weighing scales integration.
  • Z Read major optimisation for account value breakdown an cover counts by both summary and per user.
  • Bluetooth chip and pin allowing gratuity payments, bill printing at the terminal, split billing and bill lodging.

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