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eCommerce Solutions with KCPOS. Fully accounts software integrated eCommerce solution. Your accounts software integrated eCommerce solution, KC eCommerce software allows you to change the way you do business forever.

You can give your customers a diverse range of shopping solutions and be ahead of your competitors with KC eCommerce. Customers demand flexibility and choice; not only in the products they buy but also in how they shop. Gone are the days of writing a shopping list and going out to the shops for all your shopping. Our eCommerce solution, KC eCommerce allows you to keep up with today’s marketing trends and trade online 24/7, 365 days a year.

Flexibility as Standard

KC eCommerce software has a rapid integrated engine that links directly to your back-office accounts package and your online stock catalogue is automatically updated daily at a user-defined time.

Full Accounts System Integration

With KC eCommerce software orders are processed quickly and efficiently into your accounts package, which means no re-keying is required. This saves you time, money and reduces the risk of errors. With KC eCommerce software you also get high levels of encryption, ensuring all of your customer details are securely transmitted.

Simplicity & Efficiency in E-Commerce

Our solution offers speed and simplicity, which means that when a customer sees an order acknowledgement screen, the order has already been inputted into your accounts package and is ready to be processed.

Extensively Customisable

KC eCommerce software is fully customisable to your exact needs. With KC eCommerce’s ShopCP you can easily add or amend new pages, product information and images. KC eCommerce is built using SQL Databases and the industry leading Microsoft Windows Server 2003 architecture, so you can rest assured knowing that your system runs as efficiently as possible.

Seamless Payment Integration

KC eCommerce software automatically links to your chosen payment solution, which means that your customers will never have to leave your site and pay though a third-party system. This increases the security of your website and provides consistency throughout the purchasing process.

Professional Branding Consistency

KC eCommerce software can be easily setup within minutes, whether to your own design or using one of our pre-designed professional templates that can be easily edited to include your corporate identity.

Immediate Globalisation

KC eCommerce can be easily edited to meet your company’s needs through seamless integration into your accounting software, which has multi-currency and customer specific pricing. Furthermore, all postage costs can be broken down into price bands, which gives you the ability to assign specific pricing according to order value.

One Solution - The Only Solution You Need

KC eCommerce software is the only product available that fully integrates your accounts, ordering and website facilities into one secure solution. With such integrated KC eCommerce software allows your company to always be open for business.

KC E-Commerce Solutions

KC E-Commerce is automated technology that delivers the flexibility your customers' demand, with the efficiency your business depends on:

  • Flexibility & Choice For Your Customers.
  • Process Transactions 24hrs a Day, 7 Days a week, 365 Days a Year.
  • Full Integration Into Your Accounts Package.

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