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Stock Management Software

KC Stock Manager - Advanced Stock Management Software.
KC Stock Manager - Advanced Stock Management Software.
KC Stock Manager and Stock Re-Order are both modules that have been created to further enhance the functionality and capabilities of KCPOS in conjunction with KC Back Office Account, IRIS Exchequer, Pegasus Opera II, Sage line 50 and Sage 200.

KC Stock Management Software

KC Stock Management Software allows you to manage your stock processes efficiently and accurately through the use of handheld barcode scanning devices.

Key stock functions that can be improved are:

  • Perform stock takes
    Whilst allowing processing within the accounts system to continue unaffected.
  • Raise purchase orders
    Operators can scan products on the shop / warehouse floor and enter required quantities for which a purchase order is created in your accounts package.

  • Receive goods
    Users can record details of items and quantities received on the handheld terminal which will integrate with your accounts and populate details of the GRN.

  • Write off stock
    Provides users with the ability to post stock adjustments via the handheld into your accounts. Ideal for stock held in conjunction with a use by or sell by date.

  • Perform price audits
    Provides users with the ability to check shelf edge labels to prices currently shown in your accounts software.

  • Move stock between locations
    Details of items moved between locations can be recorded onto the handheld devices. Information is then posted as a stock adjustment into your accounts.

  • Print shelf edge labels
    Configurable for each installation, shelf edge labels can be produced via the KC Stock Manager to display the appropriate bar code.

With KC Stock Management Software users can operate the system in conjunction with the handheld terminals or simply via the application itself.

KC Stock management software can function in multiple locations, which allows users to keep an accurate central stock management records which can be remotely updated from other locations or warehouses.

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KC Stock Re-Order

KC Stock Re-Order - Advanced Stock Management.
KC Stock Re-Order - Advanced Stock Management Software.
You can easily take the pain out of re-ordering stock with KC Stock Re-Order.

Linking seamlessly with stock and purchase order processing in IRIS Exchequer or Pegasus Opera II, KC Stock Re-Order will suggest order quantities for goods based on predicted requirements.

KC Stock Re-Order is easy to use and has two operational modes which are ‘Average Mode’ and ‘Seasonal Mode’.

In average mode, KC Stock Re-Order will look at stock requirements and use over a period of time that you have predefined.

When in seasonal mode, KC Stock Re-Order will examine the peaks and troughs of previous years’ demands and estimate stock requirements for the present year based on them. There is also a method to account for planned growth with a built-in forecast percentage increase option.

You can minimise stock holdings whilst still meeting current customer demands as KC Stock Re-Order takes into account lead times per specific item, so you are only ordering what you need, when you need it.

Within KC Stock Re-Order you can run calculations based on stock code, product groups or even supplier and the systems will look at predicted demand, stock-in-hand as well as any expected or pending deliveries before providing a ‘suggested order’ value.

KC Stock Re-Order has been designed as a time saving and cost saving tool and does not remove control from the experienced Warehouse Manager. A simple grid allows the user to accept, reject or amend suggested orders. Once happy, a simple click of a button will raise all the required purchase orders.

Orders through KC Stock Re-Order are raised per supplier so that only one order is raised no matter how many items are required so you will automatically take advantage of any savings in delivery charges.

You can drill down to any suggested stock item and automatically see what is in stock, pending purchases and sales, lead times and preferred supplier by the click of a button.

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