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Excel Reporting

Excel Reporting - Advanced Reporting.
Excel Reporting - Advanced Reporting.
The Easy Way To Bring Data To Life

Any business that has a good management and financial information system is far more likely to succeed than one that does not. However, companies that can access information quickly and easily in real-time have a real competitive advantage.

  • Can you get real-time information easily, any time you need it?
  • Can you detect potential fraud by analysing returns, discounts & voids at operator level?
  • Are you able to measure your profit margins at product or category level?
  • Can you compare these across different days, weeks and periods, or year-on-year?
  • Can you identify stock shrinkage?
  • Are you able to identify which operators are delivering better turnover & profit margins?
  • Can you do this by branch or region?
  • Can you measure the effectiveness of promotional activity at product or branch level?
  • Can you examine stock levels at each store & run trend analyses to predict re-orders?
  • Do you know your best and worst sellers by location?

Excel Reporting integrated into your KCPOS system allows you to do all of the above, transforming the way you access, understand and report your data!

  • With Excel Reporting you can explore your KCPOS data at a deeper operational level because it works with Excel as a ‘window’ to your real-time data, allowing anyone to drill down and understand what figures really mean without having to involve finance or IT teams.
  • You can quickly create your own real-time reports to optimise your sales and profitability at store level and reduce the ever-increasing risk of fraud, whilst your regular reports automatically update at the click of a button, without having to manually re-key any data.
  • Excel Reporting consists of two elements - a Data Warehouse Manager and a Report Builder, allowing KCPOS software to be presented easily in Excel format, delivering 100% accurate information, instantly and in any format desired.
Excel Reporting enables you to…
  • Produce reports that can be manipulated quickly and easily into existing management reports.
  • Update reports at the click of a button to give you real-time information.
  • Explore live data on your KCPOS system, using Excel as a front-end ‘window’ to analyse and formulate reports immediately.
  • Introduce Excel Reporting to new users easily with very little training because BVxL uses Excel at it’s reporting tool to present data in a format that we all understand.
  • Drill down in any cell on a spreadsheet to transaction level to see variances on trends by operator, product, item or indeed any variable you wish to understand in more depth.
  • Remove the need to manually re-key data as Excel Reporting draws on live KCPOS data, saving valuable time and money and eliminating confusing and time wasting data errors.
Dynamic Reports

Excel Reporting - Completely Customisable Reports.
Excel Reporting - Completely Customisable Reports.
Once you have created a report template, the data will update automatically as postings are made to KCPOS.

Changing any parameter, for example the date, store, stock code, the user or category, will cause the data in the spreadsheet to refresh automatically, making your week-on-week and year-on-year comparisons available at the click of a button!


Reports can be built from any of the tables within KCPOS and a single spreadsheet can consolidate data from multiple tables.

Excel Reporting can link to multiple datasets simultaneously, making consolidation reporting quick and easy, for example bringing data from multiple branches together.

Using the Graph Wizard

Data can be easily represented graphically by using the simple Excel Graph Wizard to do the rest.

Drilling Down

All cells can be ‘drilled down’ to see the underlying transactions making up the balance.

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