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Epos For Cycle Shops

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Epos Specifically Enhanced For Fabric Shops

From 1 Site, 1 Till - To Multi Site, Multi TillsOur Epos solution services all the below elements with no re-keying or manual intervention.

Toy Shops can benefit from many standard features of KCPOS. EposFinance SystemMulti-BuysWeb ShopMicrosoft ExcelGift Receipts Loyalty Cards One Stock File - One System

Why choose our Epos Solution for your Fabric Shop business

  • One Stock File - One System

    Enter pricing and stock control information just once into a single stock file. KCPOS will refer to this stock file wherever any of this information is needed throughout the system. This fundamental principal is at the core of the KCPOS solution. Everything is completely integrated, and every stock action passes through the core. The choice is yours, use either KCPOS�€™s native stock, or use your own finance systems�€™ stock file.

  • EPOS

    State-of-the-art touch screen EPOS system for Fabric Shops. KCPOS is an easy to use and afford able way to speed up transactions in your shop by utilising all types of multi-buys and strategic multi-band pricing , KCPO S quickly enables all the functionality that you will ever need .

  • Comprehensive Multi-Buys

    KCPOS allows you to set up a multi-buy system whereby you can offer your customers discounts on multiple purchases of the same or mixed items. The �€˜Units Of Measure�€™ stock control system built in to the KC Back Office Accounts software also allows you to manage your stock and pricing from a single system, making your business more efficient.

  • National Weights & Measures approved

    KCPOS is approved for use with National Weights & Measures allowing you to use weigh scales to sell your fabric and other items.

  • Your Finance System

    You can use KCPOS independently or fully integrated with the finance system of y our choice �€“ IRIS Exchequer, Pegasus Opera II, KC Back Office Accounts, Sage Line 50, Sage 200, Access Accounts etc. KCPOS can easily be integrated with proprietary finance software to create a complete and seamless solution.

KCPOS Grows With Your Company - No Matter How Large It Gets KCPOS grows as you company grows

From one site running one till, through to a multi-site company of any size, KCPOS is integral to your business.

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