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KC Bookings - Accounts Software Integrated Bookings Management Software.
KC Bookings Software - Integrated Booking Management.
With KC Bookings management you can easily manage every aspect of your events and activities schedule, which makes KC Bookings software an intelligent piece of software designed to work alongside your EPOS system.

With KC Bookings management you can manage time slots within your schedule and you can view, add or change details of any bookings quickly and easily.

Whether your business deals with individuals or group parties KC Bookings software records the details of the allocated time and manage staff, facilities, rooms and equipment used.

Key benefits of KC Bookings Management:

  • Instant checking of time slot availability.
  • Ability to view all details of your facilities.
  • Ensure accurate data entry and reduce data duplication by taking bookings on a live system.
  • Loyalty Schemes that keep track of clients usage history of areas visited, facilities used and products used.
  • Peak Times Option which allows you to specify Peak and Off-Peak times and set pricings accordingly for individual products or services.
  • Improve your response time to customer?s booking enquiries with instant access to bookings which can quickly and easily adapted.
  • Departments definition with own sales analysis codes which allow you to see how each department is performing in your reports.
  • Mailshot clients based upon customer profiles and event history.
  • Integration with your Accounting Package means there is no duplication of customer data and special pricing.
  • Staff can easily and quickly take bookings that automatically reserve rooms, staff, equipment and products required for each booking, with all cost data being passed directly to KCPOS till software to take payment, and any special offers or discounts set up will be applied.
  • Both Standard Packages and ?On the Fly? packages can be created.
  • Bookings can also be made by selecting the member of staff required for a particular product. This will display available dates and times for that product with that member of staff.

Any bookings that are made will automatically reserve the time in the KC Bookings Management diary. Operators, providing they high enough security access, will be able to view the diary for a specified time frame, showing details of who/what has been booked with dates, times and details of the customer. Operators can also be granted the ability to print diaries for specific departments, within a specified date range.

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